Tuition Free Colorado Online High School

Our Mission

``Personalizing education for all students through our curriculum and work-based learning.``

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Tuition free with all the benefits of a private education. Mountain View Virtual is designed to individualize student learning, and create multiple opportunities for success. Much like a private school education, our staff is dedicated to achieving a post-secondary plan for every student in attendance.

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Each student receives a Learning Coach, a personal mentor to assist them and their families the entire time they are enrolled here at MVV.

This Learning Coach helps each student develop their Individualized Learning Plan for the school year and makes sure that they are successful with the 4 keys: cognitive strategies, content knowledge, learning skills and techniques, and college transition knowledge and skills.

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Who We Are

Mountain View Virtual is a blended-learning online high school in Colorado serving students in grades 9 through 12. MVV is uniquely designed to address student needs on an individual basis....


At our online high school we pride ourselves on offering top-quality curriculum and instruction to our students.....

Our Community

Students at MVV have the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular clubs and organizations through our online high school community as well as in-person activities throughout the year. These clubs plan events, activities, field trips and projects that foster interest and exploration....

How It works

Students, families, and staff at Mountain View Virtual are supported by a robust technology system designed to be easy to use....

Work-Based Learning

Mountain View Virtual is committed to a plan that will allow students to pursue their interests in a career field while still in high school...


Mountain View Virtual allows students to challenge themselves and prepare for competitive college admissions by taking college courses in high school in addition to rigorous coverage of basic college-preparatory requirements....


Is Mountain View Virtual right for your student?

Is Mountain View Virtual right for you?  Let our educational support staff walk you through our programs and opportunities to put a Mountain View Virtual education to work for you!

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